Live chocolate

The chocolate we use is very special and unique, it is alive!

How do we ensure the liveliness of our chocolate?

More than 600 bioactive substances, including polyphenols, flavones, VOCs and many others, keep it alive. These substances give living chocolate its positive health benefits, unique taste and beautiful aroma.

The handmade production, the very gentle approach to the primary raw materials, the absence of additives and the raw materials of the highest quality also contribute to the extraordinary qualities of live chocolate. That is why our creation is entrusted to the hands of the best Master Chocolatiers with the proper experience and talent. The products they create will surprise even the most demanding. In order to enhance the outstanding taste and aroma of live chocolate, it is necessary to work with the highest quality ingredients, which are carefully selected starting with the place and conditions for their growth and cultivation.

Why choose live chocolate?

Common chocolates manage to retain only a tiny amount of the health beneficial bioactive substances (max. 10-20%). This is due to additives and essences, which are added to products to stabilise them, artificially extend their shelf life or even flavour the product.

Live chocolate brings a countless number of benefits to human health. It promotes both general health and the function of the human body, and with it, psychological perceptions. The benefits of live chocolate are provided to the entire body, starting with the very core, the brain. In the brain, it works in an "anti-aging" way and supports its activities related to thinking, concentration, perception, memory or the stimulation of good mood, calm and happiness by releasing endorphin, serotonin and dopamine.It also improves the metabolism of fats, accelerates recovery after sports, has a beneficial effect on the microbiome and improves the quality of mucous membranes, supports the immune system, protects the vascular wall, has anti-inflammatory effects and helps weight loss. In short, it improves the quality and well-being of your daily life, which is also the subject of the latest scientific studies.

When is the best time to enjoy live chocolate?

Live chocolate is a special raw material that needs proper care. It naturally contains a high amount of bioactive substances, including polyphenols, flavones, VOCs and many others.

VOCs (Voltaile Oragnic Compounds) are hundreds of groupings of substances with variable concentrations and bioactive effects, such substances give chocolate its specific aroma, taste and positive effects on human health.

There are many positive health effects of VOC substances in chocolate, not only antibacterial or antiviral, but also anti-tumour (anti-cancer), anti-fungal and antioxidant effects.

However, these are volatile substances (VOCs) that will eventually evaporate from the chocolate. Therefore, you will get the most out of living chocolate by eating it within 3 months of production. After this time, live chocolate remains fine, but loses its health benefits and irresistible taste and smell perceptions.

What is the ideal daily dose of live chocolate?

The daily dose recommended by experts to obtain all the benefits of live Chocolate is between 20-40 g per day, which is the equivalent of about 2-4 Chocerries Diamonds.