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Live chocolate, the chocolate of your life

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Live chocolate

Our Chocolate is not like any other chocolate. Our chocolate is very special. It is “alive”. It maintains life in 600 types of bioactive substances. 

Handmade production

Our Master Chocolatiers are among the leaders in their field and, in addition to hand-made pralines, they are also specialized in the so-called “chocolate-art”.

Highest quality ingredients

For the production of Chocerries, we select the best Swiss chocolates, the luxurious type of chocolates “Origine”.

Fortified chocolates

Fortified or “enhanced” chocolates from our provenance are live chocolates that are enriched with some health-promoting substances.

What we do

At Chocerries, we develop and produce the best and also the healthiest pralines from Swiss chocolate, chocolate products and products based on nuts and fruits. We leave them their “liveliness” and high content of health beneficial substances, not just nutrients.