About us

Chemport AG & Institut ILOL a.s.

Chocerries is a project of the Swiss company Chemport AG and a Czech company ILOL a.s. (Institute for Lifestyle Options and Longevity).

Chemport AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, has been applying new technologies in medicine and improving human health for the past 30 years.

ILOL based in Prague, Czech Republic since the year 2008 deals with research and trends in lifestyle, quality of life and factors affecting health and longevity. Especially in recent years, ILOL has emphasized prevention and health through nutrition, and seeks to apply the results of world research and studies to specific projects and products. Favorable health and preventive effects of chocolate polyphenols, catechins and other substances have also become one of the main areas of ILOL’s research. Also, in cooperation with the Swiss Chemport they continue their ongoing research in the field of hyaluronic acid.

The Hyalines

This collaboration gave a rise to a completely new fortified chocolates. The Hyalines – Swiss pralines enriched with hyaluronic acid. These pralines have been a success and have found excellent application in the environment of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and prevention of cell aging.


The vision of Chocerries is to raise awareness of the positive effects of high-quality chocolate products, production methods that are friendly to nature and raw ingredients, as well as good nutritional habits of the whole population. At Chocerries we contribute to the development of knowledge and education in the field of healthy nutrition, prevention of civilisation diseases and the length and the quality of human life - the so-called longevity. That is why at Chocerries we develop and produce delicious and high-quality pralines, chocolate products and other nuts and fruit-based products. We keep all Chocerries products alive and with a very high content of beneficial substances for human health.

Supervised cultivation, certified production and bio-production

We do care about the conditions and the environment in which the raw materials we use to make our products are produced. We make sure that the raw materials we use come from supervised cultivation and bio-production.

We do care about how our products get to you. We produce our packaging materials from carefully selected certified production. We do not use plastics, in order to prevent microplastics from getting into our products and later into the human body, the soil and the ocean. We do care about your health as well as your well-being, we strive to give you the best in the form of quality, precision work and unique appearance.