Highest quality ingredients

For the production of Chocerries we select the best Swiss Origine chocolates, special plantation chocolates and chocolates from supervised cultivation. Our ganaches are made from

  • 100% nut pastes
  • Our own processed nuts
  • 100% fruits
  • Virgin oils

We only use pure natural ingredients without any other additives when colouring Chocerries pralines. (turmeric, cinnamon, Cambodian pepper and other spices, green tea, 100% fruit)

Swiss chocolate

Our dark chocolate is composed of 83% (or more) cocoa components. When choosing milk chocolate, we prefer chocolate with a higher than usual cocoa content, i.e. at least 43%, but most importantly with Alpine milk, which gives this chocolate its unmistakable taste and aroma. Ruby chocolate is made from cocoa beans of a reddish to ruby colour, without the use of colouring or fruit additives. The white chocolate contains the finest milk from Swiss pastures and 34% cocoa butter. It is pure white with the taste of fresh cream.

Nut pastes

Hand-processed nuts of the highest quality are the key element for the quality of our pralines. For our pralines, we use fresh, hand-processed, high-quality nuts such as pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts, which provide our chocolate with many other health benefits in high concentrations.

Virgin oils

Virgin oils of the highest quality will soften the final texture and contribute to the excellent delicate taste of each of the different types of chocolate. We process these oils at a maximum temperature of 50°C, which does not change their nutritional properties at all. Together with all the antioxidants from the chocolate and nuts, they naturally prevent microbial processes that otherwise have to be ensured in conventional cream fillings by the necessary dose of additives and sugar mixtures as preservatives. In addition to the excellent taste and sensory qualities of these oils, the micronutrients, vitamins, polyphenols and other substances they contain are believed to be significant regulators of the health of the skin, mucous membranes, blood vessels, immunity and metabolism.