Handmade production

Gentle handmade production is the key element and the best solution to preserve the liveliness of chocolate and chocolate products.

Handmade production in Chocerries

Our Master Chocolatiers are artists who create their work with love, emotion and the proper talent. Working with live chocolate requires a very gentle and careful approach, which is why handmade production is the perfect choice.

The hand-colouring of the moulds gives the pralines the unmistakable Chocolatier signature and therefore their uniqueness. During the tempering process, the temperature on the marble stone is played with to ensure the correct smoothness and texture of the chocolate before it is cast into the moulds. Once the excess chocolate has been removed from the moulds and a perfectly thin shell has been created, it's time for the ganache. The ganache filling of the pralines is another signature of experienced chocolatiers, because it is only by the combination of the ganache content with the type of chocolate used that gives the pralines their perfect aroma and excellent taste.

Chocerries pralines are always packed with concentrated health benefits, thanks to the work of the Master Chocolatiers with the ideal chocolate temperatures to ensure that all the health-giving nutritional components are maintained without the use of artificial additives.